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Reduces Anxiety

“CannaRelief contains 20mg of  Natural Hemp Oil in a synergistic blend of high quality ingredients that have been scientifically shown to counteract the negative effects of THC, and for about the price of a gram of cannabis, users and patients can ensure a safer and more comfortable experience.”

– Dr. Erika Henry, CannaSafety Chief Research Scientist

Control your high!

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The Beginner

She’d always heard about marijuana while she was in college, and now that she’s landed her first awesome job, she’s ready to see what all the fuss is about. To celebrate her new job, she and a friend are planning to eat some infused brownies this weekend. But she’s heard that taking too much cannabis can be unpleasant—something like a mixture of seasickness and overwhelming anxiety at the same time. To make sure she can fully enjoy her first experience, she’s planning to bring along a bottle of CannaRelief.

The Intermediate

He smoked a few times back in the day, and now that recreational weed has been legalized in Washington State, he’s back in the game. But things have changed! Weed no longer comes in a baggy, and there are different strains, with names like “Super Silver Skunk”. It’s stronger than he remembers too! Even with his past experiences, some strains have brought on anxiety, depending on how he’s feeling when he smokes. But he’s able to remedy those effects and move on to an adventure with “dabs” of BHO extract, because CannaRelief has his back.

The Expert

He’s a connoisseur of cannabis, and he chooses his strains and edibles carefully for certain effects and scenarios. On the cutting edge of cannabis research, he’s been working on tuning his high to dial it in perfectly and he’s even begun to enhance his experience with CBD and other supplements. But even with his extensive knowledge of strains, genetics, THC/CBD ratios, cannabinoids and terpenes, occasionally he finds himself over the red line. When he feels himself pulling into the danger zone, one bottle of CannaRelief is all it takes to put him back in control.

The Patient

She’s spent years in the doctor’s office, first with fibromyalgia, then arthritis, and now cancer. Her search for relief from the incessant pain led her to several articles about the medical benefits of THC. After careful thought, she’s decided she’s ready to give medical cannabis a try. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t want to be high. Luckily her friend just told her about CannaRelief—now, by taking a bottle of CannaRelief before each dose of THC, she’ll be able to control her high while still reaping the medical benefits.

Today’s Cannabis is Strong!

Today’s cannabis has reached new levels of quality—but it’s also reached record levels of potency. With the increasing THC content in today’s cannabis strains, beginners and experts alike need to use caution when consuming cannabis products

Control Your High

Anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks and severe nausea—these are the consequences of consuming too much THC. But with CannaRelief, cannabis users can now control their high! That means no more curling up in a ball of to ride out your discomfort.

Real Science, Real Relief

CannaSafety has created a patent-pending formula, made up of a synergistic blend of 100% natural ingredients, including Natural Hemp Oil. It’s a formula that has been scientifically shown to quickly and effectively relieve the anxiety and sickness associated with consuming too much cannabis.

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