A Message to Cannabis Users

If you are a cannabis user, you should proactively care about understanding your reaction to cannabis and the changes in perception that it causes. You should strive to learn which products you like best and how much THC to consume to achieve the desired effects you are looking for.

If you happen to overdo it, or start to feel some anxiety, CannaRelief contains 20mg of Natural Hemp oil which is a useful tool to help bring you back down and safely manage your high.

Today there are tons of potent cannabis products in the market that help you blast off, but they don’t help you steerCannaRelief does.




I have never heard of CannaRelief before.  When did you invent it?

CannaSafety’s founder has been working on it for almost a year.  We wanted to make sure that the science was sound and the patent was strong, and most importantly, that it really works before we launched it into the market.

Does CannaRelief really work?

Yes!  We have spent nearly a year perfecting the CannaRelief formula and testing it on ourselves, friends and investors.  Of course it varies from person to person, what you have eaten, how much cannabis you have ingested etc, but it takes anywhere from 10 – 25 minutes to feel the negative effects of too much THC start to dissipate. You will still be high, but your eyes begin to brighten up, and you may feel like you have been wrapped in a comfortable blanket.  Your anxiety will lessen and if you are really sick, you will soon feel like you are going to make it through just fine.

What’s in it?

Just like Colonel Sanders, we have a proprietary secret recipe and a filed patent.  The core ingredient is Natural Hemp Oil but CannaRelief also contains ginger for nausea, citicoline for brain energy, B and C vitamins and a variety of anti-anxiety herbs that all combine in a synergistic formula to help you get your arms around the experience. Take a look at the Natural Hemp Oil research, but also remember  that everyone is different and you should try CannaRelief for yourself to see how it helps you manage your high.  We would love to hear your feedback!

Does it contain caffeine?

No.  That could negatively affect someone who is experiencing THC anxiety.

Is it patented?

Yes.  We have a patent-pending application and our Chief Research Scientist, Dr. Erika Henry, PhD. along with our founder have several additional products in the works, including an Extra Strength formula specially designed for patients.

Is it legal?

Yes.  In fact, we can sell it anywhere, not just medical dispensaries or recreational marijuana stores.  The sale, production and distribution of Natural Hemp Oil /products derived from raw material industrial hemp is not seen as a violation of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).  In Hemp Indus. Ass’n. v. DEA, 357 F.3d 1012 (9th Cir. 2004), the Ninth Circuit ruled that naturally occurring cannabanoids in industrial hemp foods, including oil, were never scheduled under the CSA.

Does CannaRelief work the same if I have been smoking flowers or eating edibles?

Yes.  There are multiple ingredients in CannaRelief that work together to combat the effects of having too much THC no matter how it is consumed.

Will I still be high after I take CannaRelief?

Yes.  But your high will begin to fade away and will generally be more comfortable.  Your high will not disappear immediately, but CannaRelief will help you glide gently back down to Earth after being too high.

Can I feel anything if I am not high and I drink CannaRelief?

No. You may feel a little refreshed from some of the vitamins and amino acids in CannaRelief, but you won’t feel the Natural Hemp Oil or other ingredients at all.

Can I drink two bottles?

Yes.  Everyone’s physical make-up, brain chemistry, and circumstances vary, and some people may need more or less than one bottle to achieve the desired relief.  Because Natural Hemp Oil and other cannabinoids affect special receptors in the brain rather than the central nervous system like other drugs, cannabis and hemp extracts are extremely non-toxic.

Does it work on pets? 

Yes. You can certainly give CannaRelief to your pet if they happen to get at your stash.  We are also working on a new formula that is specifically designed for pets of all kinds.  Stay tuned for more information.

Will it work if I drink it before I consume cannabis?

Yes.  In fact, it will actually help prevent you from getting high.  We see patients who need to take high doses of THC take CannaRelief ahead of time to prevent them from being anxious, sick, or just plain “out of it”.

Where can I buy it?

You can order online anytime at www.buycannarelief.com, and we will ship it anywhere you like.  You will also be able to find CannaRelief and other CannaSafety products at your local MMJ dispensary, head shop, gas station or 7-11.  Look for CannaRelief in larger retail stores like Walgreens and Target next year.

How should I store it and how long will it last?

The shelf life is 2 years minimum.  Similar to 5 Hour Energy drinks, you don’t need to refrigerate it, and you can take it with you anywhere you go.

How do I become a Distributor?

We are seeing huge demand from stores and dispensaries across the US and have created a very lucrative Authorized CannaSafety Reseller (ACR) program and would love to talk.  We process wholesale orders directly to retailers, and also have ACRs that receive commission for distribution CannaRelief and other products.  Just email [email protected] for more information.

What’s coming next from CannaSafety?

Throughout 2015 and into 2016 we will be releasing several new products including CannaRelief Extra Strength and Receptor X.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these CNN Documentaries from Dr. Sanjay Gupta should be watched by anyone that uses cannabis or wants to learn more about its tremendous healing properties that are just now being studied by mainstream science.

This article from Project CBD.org’s site is one of many studies that show the effectiveness of CBD in counteracting the negative effects of THC overuse.  “CBD is demonstrated to antagonise some undesirable effects of THC including intoxication, sedation and tachycardia, while contributing analgesic, anti-emetic, and anti-carcinogenic properties in its own right. In modern clinical trials, this has permitted the administration of higher doses of THC, providing evidence for clinical efficacy and safety for cannabis based extracts”….read more

More Studies Showing That CBD Reduces Negative Effects Of THC

  • Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2009: “CBD has anxiolytic effects in both animals and humans, and when co-administered with D9-THC, it can reduce the anxiety and psychotic symptoms induced by the latter cannabinoid.”
  • Pharmaceuticals Journal, 2012: “CBD significantly attenuated THC-induced “psychological reactions” (anxiety and panic), and reversed THC-induced impairment on a time estimation task.”
  • University of College London, 2013: “Purified CBD has been shown to have antipsychotic and anti-anxiety effects, and can lessen the psychotic symptoms normally experienced by people given high doses of THC.”